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The monks of St Augustine's Abbey live a life of prayer, work and study in Community life. Any support you are able to give is most gratefully appreciated. If you would like to support us, you can do so below.

The Life of Prayer

We monks of St Augustine's Abbey have few external works, and our life is, therefore, fundamentally contemplative which means that our work is prayer. Because we do not engage in much remunerative work, a large part of our income is derived from the goodness of others. For this we are grateful to God and to all our supporters. Prayer is a continuous and constant work that goes on in the monastery throughout the day. We think of this ongoing work as 'The Life of Prayer'. If you would like your own personal needs, the needs of loved ones or special intentions to be included in our life of prayer, please ask us. The world provides abundantly for the needs of the body, we seek to provide for the needs of the soul.

We are a Roman Catholic Community of Benedictine monks of the Subiaco Congregation, and we have lived, worked and prayed on the same site since our foundation in 1856.


Church Service

In what follows, we hope to provide an insight into the unique history, style and structure of our monastic way of life, by presenting to you, in image, text, and sound, something of our daily interpretation of the sixth-century Rule of St Benedict.

Should you have any enquiries or questions concerning St Augustine's Abbey, the monastic life in general, the Benedictine Order in particular, prayer, or indeed any other matter arising from the content of these pages, please feel free to write to us via the e-mail enquiry facility on our website's Contact page.


Abbot's Coat of ArmsYours sincerely

Abbot Paulinus Greenwood OSB

Ramsgate Benedictines


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